2023 Consumer Trends Index Global Infographic

Explore this infographic on attitudes and trends in consumer behaviors across the globe.

Our Consumer Trends Index infographic reveals the latest research on what global consumers in 2023 expect from the brands they do business with online — including the channels they prefer to connect on, what value exchanges elicit engagement and how consumer behavior will change in the face of this year’s predicted global economic recession. 

In this infographic, we compare this year’s data to previous years’ to understand better the latest trends impacting consumer purchasing behavior. We surveyed nearly 7,000 consumers in the U.S., U.K. & Ireland, France, Spain, Japan and Australia & New Zealand, covering representative samples across ages, genders and income bands.

After recovering from a global pandemic, and now facing a possible worldwide economic recession, brands need to be able to reach consumers in a way that makes a substantial impact — this infographic is a must-read for any forward-thinking marketer.