How a Whiskey Spirits Club Increased Efficiency and Customer Acquisition with Personalization

Flaviar and Caskers are high-end spirits membership clubs and e-commerce sites with a U.S. clientele. Memberships to Flaviar can be gifted, and shoppers who join the club are treated to mini-bottles of rye, whiskey or bourbon with the option to purchase full-sized bottles. But since shipping wine and spirits can be quite complex - each state has its own rules and regulations, the challenge was to offer shoppers products available in their own state.

Watch this on-demand session to learn more about how Flaviar and Caskers crafted automated journeys and customized content offerings based on knowing if the shopper was coming to them via search, their website or the brand’s blog. Learn how Flaviar and Caskers have increased their retention and renewal rates while reducing the amount of time that was spent crafting 50 versions of a promotional email.