Recommendations to Revenue: 8 Algorithms to Drive Sales and Personalize the Customer Experience

In 2019, 35% of Amazon’s revenue was driven by the e-commerce giant’s algorithms, highlighting how important product recommendations are to any retailer’s bottom line. Many types of recommendations exist, so knowing which one is right for your brand can be tricky. Because of this, Sailthru developed this best practice guide to help you make sense of it all.

We’ve outlined eight key recommendation algorithms and where to use them, illustrated by the brands doing it best. Download the guide to learn more about:

  • The right recommendations for converting new customers
  • Collaborative filtering and the data it requires
  • Using predictive analytics to cement loyalty
  • Examples from more than 20 retailers including Sephora, Amazon, JustFab, Nike, MATCHESFASHION and more

Download your guide now.