The 2023 Consumer Trends Index Webinar

Get all the insights from The Consumer Trends Index 2023 in this recorded, on-demand session. 

It’s never been more difficult, nor important for marketers to stay one step ahead of consumer purchasing habits. Don't miss out on getting all the insights from The Consumer Trends Index 2023. Download the webinar recording to get the data and trends on consumer attitudes to personalization, privacy, messaging, advertising, brand loyalty and the impending recession.

Exclusive data in The Consumer Trends Index 2023 Webinar will reveal:

  • What consumers expect from the brands they do business with
  • The channels they like to purchase from 
  • The data they will share for more personalized experiences
  • How they will adapt their buying behaviors in an uncertain economic outlook

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Get the Latest Consumer Attitudes and Trends in Personalization, Privacy, Messaging, Advertising, and Brand Loyalty


The Consumer Trends Index 2023: Global Report
This exclusive global research explores the key consumer trends driving purchase decisions in 2023, as well as the most impactful channels for making connections and the data consumers are willing to share in return for a more personalized experience of the consumer lifecycle.  
Download the global report →


The Consumer Trends Index 2023: U.S. Report
This U.S. specific data covers attitudes and trends across personalization, privacy, email, SMS, mobile behavior, loyalty, privacy, cookies and so much more.
Download the U.S. report →